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When it comes to your vehicle and safety, don't take chances. If engine, brake and other vehicle issues are caught early, you can avoid costly repairs later on by getting auto repair in High Point, NC. Get on top of any problems before they become major by dropping in to see us at P & T Automotive Repair. We'll provide quick and accurate diagnosis of what's going on under your hood. We specialize in foreign and domestic vehicle repairs, brake service, NC inspections and used car sales.

Family owned since 1986, we serve the entire High Point, Archdale & Thomasville area. Contact us today for a free estimate or to check out our used car selection.
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P & T Automotive Repair provides a complete range of services in High Point including repairs and maintenance of all mechanical systems, including:
  • Auto inspections
Your car needs a regular check - up to ensure that everything is working as it should.  By law, most states require that each car receives and passes an official inspection each year.

When you come to P&T Automotive Repair for an auto inspection, we'll assess the following in your vehicle: brakes, steering, lights, taillights, seat belts and emission levels.

The whole purpose of an auto inspection is to ensure that your vehicle meets state and federal regulations for safety emissions.  Consult with us for auto repair and vehicle inspection in High Point, NC either annually, or whenever you sell your vehicle.
  • Brake services
Your vehicle's brakes are essential parts that require regular maintenance.  If left neglected for too long, your brake pads will wear thin and eventually allow added friction every time you stop, which could seriously damage your vehicle's brake mechanism permanently.

Residents of High Point, NC benefit from our capable brake services, so contact us today.
  • Engines
Although P & T Automotive Repair does not offer transmission work, we have trained technicians ready to look at your engine.  Rely on us for all of your auto repair needs.
  • Power steering checks and repairs
Power steering is a luxurious modern development in the automobile industry, which allows drivers to turn their vehicle quickly and with ease.  If your vehicle has a power steering issue, it could cause you to have great difficulty making even the simplest turns.

Avoid accidents by consulting with P&T Automotive Repair for power steering checks and other types of auto repair to ensure your safety in High Point, NC and surrounding areas.

We are ASE certified. Come to us for any domestic and foreign vehicle service needs or inspections.
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About us

P & T Automotive Repair is proud to be High Point's leading provider of quality repairs and a reputable used car shop. Our team has more than 30 years experience providing foreign and domestic repairs. We can find those hard to get parts and our mechanics can handle the most involved problems having to do with engines, brakes and other parts and services.

From fast, accurate checks to great advice, we're here to help. When you visit P & T Automotive Repair, you'll speak to someone that will explain the issues with your car in plain talk. You'll find top quality workmanship here with reasonable prices.


"This shop is awesome. They can fix just about anything. I have been a customer for P&T for almost 20 years."

"Best shop around. Very fast and reliable service. Good pricing and they let you bring your own parts if your want."

"Paul and Michelle are great to deal with. Paul is fair and reasonable. I have been doing business with them for over ten years. You will get a very fair price and quality work. I have referred over twenty people to them!!!!"
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